VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP phone service, sometimes referred to as broadband phone service or digital phone service is a phone service that operates by using your high-speed Internet connection. There are two types of VoIP services: phone-based and computer-based. These services allow you to make phone calls using either your regular phone or a computer headset with a microphone. As opposed to a traditional landline, VoIP uses your phone or computer to call the number. The call is sent over the Internet, instead of over copper wires running out of your house.

With a phone-based service, you use VoIP the same way you use a regular landline: by picking up the phone to answer it or dialling a number to place a call. With a computer-based service, you can make or answer the call by using a headset with a microphone plugged into your computer.

Most providers allow you to call any phone number in the world, whether that number be a local, long-distance, mobile phone, or international number. However, some computer-based providers may limit you to other subscribers to that service (Commonly known as User to User). For your convenience, we list only those providers who allow their customers to call the regular phone network. A cool feature that most VoIP providers offer is Conference Calling or Three-way Calling. You can call multiple numbers at once!

The quality of VoIP voice has dramatically improved over the past few years; it is now at or above the quality of a landline phone. However, voice clarity can differ from provider to provider and usually depends on the speed and quality of your broadband connection. Before signing up, you may wish to consult other VoIP users by visiting our forums or checking user reviews for specific providers to see how they match up.